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Updated: Apr 17, 2018

April 1, 2016- Wendy Lepkoff of Wendy Interiors, Inc., a Long Island, New York- based firm, has been awarded the 2015 IDS IMPACT Award presented at the 2016 Interior Design Society’s annual Conference held in Dallas, Texas.The Interior Design Society is a National Organization with more than 2,200 members with chapters in major design centers including New York, Dallas, San Francisco and Chicago honored Wendy for her charitable contribution to a family who lost their home and belongings to superstorm Sandy.

“I am extremely thrilled and honored to be recognized and chosen as one of the winners of this year’s prestigious IMPACT Award. I decided to enter a contest sponsored by a local Fabric house, where the winner would be involved in rebuilding a home that was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. Living on Long Island amongst the devastation, I was eager to restore this family’s home. This charity project gave me that opportunity”.  The complete story of Wendy and her local community coming together to help this family in desperate need as been broadcasted on Heroes on LI, as well as published in House Magazine and Long Island Newsday.

“This has been an extremely heartfelt project because I was given the opportunity to design a home that is not only visually beautiful, but also functional. I have had the privilege to work with so many wonderful volunteers who share my passion for quality and design. This award is in part due to their hard work and dedication”.

Presenting awards to this year’s recipients is Dann Foley. Dann has built a reput reputation for great style, taste and quality and has appeared on Television shows like NBC’s American Dream Builders.

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